Golf betting

golf betting

Golf is a game that seems to be on everyone’s lips, but at the same time no one knows about what golf competitions are held now, and of the golfers well known only Tiger Woods, whose career has already gone downhill. Who knows, if in the last century the proletariat came to power, maybe golf and would have become popular in Russia, but even after the Soviet Union collapsed it did not appeal to our fellow citizens. The best bookmaker for golf betting are betting

A bit of history

Various sources disagree on when golf appeared. We can only say that it happened a long time ago. Even in the 13th century in Holland played a similar game, and even earlier a similar game of “paganika” was popular in ancient Rome, but the Chinese have their own game, the progenitor of golf, known as “gui van”, which was already common in the 3 century BC.

Main bets

On winning the tournament. This is a very dangerous bet due to the fact that tournaments usually involve a large number of players. It is very difficult to predict the winner, despite updated ratings and differences in class between athletes.
On a specific place. For example, you could bet on a player to be in the top 5 at a tournament. This is the safer bet, but it’s not always in the slate.
On dueling golfers. It is much easier to analyze multiple players to determine their chances of success in a tournament. Whichever player is higher at the end of the tournament will win the face-to-face duel.
The best player from a certain group. Marathon BK, for example, accepts bets on the best Spanish player in the tournament, the best French player, etc. It is also possible to bet on the fact that the player will not be the best against his fellow countrymen.
On the lead after a certain round. Here everything is clear – which player will be in first place after the round, he won. Be careful, the leaders often start the tournament late and peak by the finish line.


There are rankings of golfers that reflect their objective strength, but it’s still the athleticism of the players that is much more important. Also consider the fact that golfers may perform better in individual tournaments, as each course has different characteristics.

Since golf tournaments are held on open terrain, it is very important to pay attention to weather conditions. In a wet course, players with good long strokes will perform better, while in a dry course, on the contrary, golfers with a technical stroke on short distances will come to the fore.

The psychological component in individual sports plays a huge role. It’s hard to know what kind of mood a golfer is in, but if you track his recent interviews, the picture is a little clearer.

American players are more comfortable in their continent, Europeans in Europe, and Asians in Asia. Changing climates and time zones never goes well for shot

Features of golf betting

The four major golf tournaments, gather most of the viewership and betting volume. The mood of the players in these tournaments is simply overwhelming, so it is better to bet on the favorites here. It is worth considering that bookmakers thoroughly study the players and their chances of winning in these tournaments.

In the second or third tier tournaments, the bookmakers’ margin is much higher, but the wrong odds are often found in the line. Individual players are underestimated by bookmakers, which leads to the appearance of valuables odds.

On golf it is better to bet in small tournaments, but to do so you need to find an office with a wide line on the sport. Also, you have to do a good research on the internet to find statistical information on players from these tournaments and track down their latest interviews.

Golf is like being scripted from an American movie where an insignificant player pulls his will together and wins a big tournament, so often in golf tournaments outright outsiders win. Golf will please fans of romance in the sport, but for the betting it is a very difficult sport. At least professional bettors avoid betting on golf, while amateurs have even less chance of winning in this sport.