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Cloudlands: VR Minigolf

Cloudlands: VR Minigolf is a pleasant opportunity to plunge into the fantastic atmosphere of playing minigolf on a virtual reality device available to you. Also, you can play golf games in Pin Up casino. You will be transported to the exotic islands of the archipelago, located above the clouds. The game has three seasons and contains various themed holes (winter, autumn and summer), and also includes one magical course, which consists of 18 holes. A feature of the game is the opportunity provided by the developers to play in a large company thanks to the multiplayer mode.

Golf With Your Friends

Golf With Your Friends is a great game for the real golf connoisseurs. First of all, it is a full-fledged golf simulator with a multiplayer game mode. Now you can enjoy golf at any free time with your friend or a group of friends. In multiplayer mode, as many as 12 people can play at the same time. A huge number of the most difficult and interesting game levels are presented in the golf simulator, which will not let the player get bored and provide a truly addictive gameplay.

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational is Sony’s latest hit of golf course now on PS Vita. A dynamic kick system and a completely new intuitive touch control system await you at Everybody’s Golf. Take advantage of the rear touchpad or touchscreen for better planning and inspecting precision strikes. On the PlayStation Network, you can now play with all your friends or participate in full-fledged online online competitions, competing with other gamers.

Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf

If you are a fan of various game simulators, then you should get acquainted with Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf, because there has never been such a simulator in the world. Thanks to good physics and realistic graphics, you can feel like a real golfer. Also, the game provides a huge number of fields. Thanks to this simulator, you will not only get acquainted with the rules of golf, but will also be able to hone your throwing skills. To learn how to throw a small ball into the hole, you only need to play a couple of games.

The Golf Club

The Golf Club game is designed to satisfy the wishes of all lovers of such an unusual game for us as golf! This simulator combines nice, detailed graphics and an excellent cooperative mode, which includes the function of “ghost rivals”. The Golf Club game has a large selection of play areas in its interface, each of which has its own individual properties, but if this does not seem enough, you can always use the built-in map editor and recreate your dream field!

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 welcomes professional golf enthusiasts. The player is given the opportunity to gain experience, hone skills, develop skills and boldly challenge such world golf stars as Vijay Singh, Tiger Woods, Ian Poulter and John Dali. Lovers of the genre will be able to take part in world competitions, feel the views of the fans and appreciate the witty commentary statements that will surely follow every hit on the ball.

In addition to new fields and meetings with famous rivals, the developers have prepared numerous online tournaments for players, a complicated aiming system and an extended career mode.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters

The Tiger Woods PGA series has for the first time enabled its players to be a member of the Augusta National Golf Club, allowing them to immerse themselves in the rich history and tradition of the Masters. This will give you the opportunity to head towards the biggest golf prize, the Green Jacket. In such a game, it will be easy to feel like a professional, since the caddy can help you at any time. Here you can compete against a variety of golf masters and host tournaments on the redesigned courses that are part of the newest Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12 collection.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 is a continuation of a series of sports simulator games, namely golf. The game brought together over 25 professional athletes such as Keegan Bradley, Stacy Lewis and Lexi Thompson, Bud Cauley, 20 locations and many modes. For those who want a more subtle feel of the game and find themselves on a green lawn, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 includes support for the PlayStation Move and Kinect motion controllers. Every movement, stroke and stroke of the club has been carefully analyzed and modeled with the participation of the golfers themselves.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005

The Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 is part of the popular golf sports series. Show your skills, show your professional capabilities, fighting on fields such as Wentworth and Bay Hill. Exciting tournaments with world-renowned popular players await you – challenge the invincible! You can create your own player using a special editor with extensive free features. You will receive the support of the fans, and the popular D. Feherti and others will comment on the match. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 is considered the most realistic golf simulator available for everyone.

Worms: Crazy Golf

For fans and fans of interesting and exciting games, the Worms series has invented a new game Worms Crazy Golf. In this game, positive worms take golf clubs and compete on golf courses. This version has significant differences from the previous one, namely, in it you need to destroy enemies. You should also hit the hole with the ball in the time specified for this task, and to earn additional bonuses, you must collect coins and other items that will appear during the game. The game is quite extraordinary and exciting.

How the game of golf works. Part 2

golf balls

Now a few words about how a golf ball is constructed and why it is shaped like this, with holes. A modern golf ball is not as solid as it may seem at first glance. It has a core inside, a hard piece of rubberized plastic. The stuffing of the ball is like a spring – it stores potential impact energy and turns it into motion energy.

The surface is made of durable plastic – polyurethane. Notches are vitally important for the ball – they improve the airflow of the ball in flight, reduce air resistance and provide a greater range of impact. Manufacturers experiment with the shape and number of grooves. The number of grooves on balls from different manufacturers varies from 300 to 500. The more hollows, the higher the ball flies. As a result, a ball with more holes flies very high to the detriment of the distance.golf balls


The game of golf is famous for its age-old traditions and etiquette. The most important thing in golf is to observe good manners toward your opponent. While preparing your opponent for a shot, you should try not to move or talk. Never stand on the line of strike, close to the flight path of the ball or close to the player who makes the swing, otherwise you can be seriously injured. Do not shout something loud to your friends who are far away from you: this may disturb other players. Walk quickly without delaying the players following you. Lose the ball and signal to the players behind you to wait. If you tear out a piece of turf with your stick when you hit it, you need to put it back in its original place and press it down. You should always clean up the dents left by the ball on the course, and smooth out the marks in the sand bunker with the special rakes that are always lying around.

There are strict restrictions on amateur player status. Anyone who has ever once received a golf instruction fee or played golf for money cannot be considered an amateur and compete in amateur events. Amateurs, however, may receive fees according to a strictly defined procedure and may accept non-cash prizes up to the standards set forth in the rules for amateur status.golf etiquette

How the game of golf works. Part 1

golf player

A couple of weeks ago I played golf for the first time. Before that I never had much interest in this “game of the rich”, but it was worth one try…. Now I even want to buy a club, a bucket of balls and shoot them somewhere far away. Only that the price of 300 rubles per ball a little restrains the ardor. In any case, I tried to understand the principles of the game and to find out a few facts about golf: why the ball isnotches on the surface, why do you need to carry so many clubs, what is golf etiquette, what is the real purpose of golf and how the golf cart is organized.

Loimijoki Golf Club

The golf club where we were taught to play golf is located in the southwest of the province of Tavastia in Jupää, Finland. Loimijoki Golf has 70 hectares of lawn, 18 holes and 14 tracks.  Once there was an old manor house that existed from 1539 until 1992. The owner of the estate decided to break the tradition of cultivation of these lands and built a golf course here.

The club was named after the river Loimijoki, on the banks of which it is located.  At the bottom of the river and artificial ponds rest many balls thrown there by inexperienced players.golf for begginers

Principles and structure

The meaning of the game of golf is that the participants drove a small ball in special holes with strokes of clubs, trying to pass the allotted distance for a minimum number of strokes.

A typical golf course consists of 18 holes, divided into series of 2-3. Each series is a small field with water obstacles, sand traps (bunkers), high grass, special lawn (putting green on”green”) with holes cut in it and teeing ground.  The teeing ground is the place where the game starts and the first shot is taken. Each teeing ground has a map of the course where you can see all the obstacles and the location of the putting green, where you eventually have to put the ball in.

The starting area is marked with two marks showing the allowable boundaries of the area where the ball peg (tee) can be placed.  For women and men can be different sites marked by special signs. For example, at Loimijoki Golf, a yellow horseshoe marks the men’s tee area.

Most of the holes are in line of sight from the starting area to the green, but some holes may deviate to the right or left side.  This is what a section of the golf course looks like from the starting tee. This is where the first swing of the club takes place, after which the ball must travel a maximum distance of 250-300 meters to the green. Look closely: In the center of the photo, among the trees, you can see a white flag. This is a hole in another series, but the distance to ours is about the same. True, we will have to twist the ball slightly so that it makes a turn to the left, behind the trees. Therefore, our hole is called “left dogleg”.

After determining the distance to the desired point with an electronic rangefinder, you can calculate the force of the stroke. Ideally, the golfer should first hit the main course, pass the ball on it several strokes (depending on the type of course) and hit the green – a course with perfect grass, on which the ball rolls without hindrance.  To play golf player can use no more than 14 types of clubs.

The very first club, which begins the game, is called “wood” (Wood). There are usually three woods in a player’s bag – No. 1 (“driver”), No. 3 and No. 5. A club with a solid head and a 7 to 15 angle of impact that allows you to throw the ball up to 300 meters.

For the first shot, the ball is placed on a special tee, which is usually made of wood. The price of one tee is 1-2 euros, and they tend to break like matches from the blows of inexperienced players.golf player

After the first hit the ball goes to the main field, from which it has to get to the green for a minimum number of strokes. At this stage, other clubs come into play – iron. These are lighter, shovel-headed clubs, which can be used to put the ball at shorter distances. The sticks vary in numbers. A bigger number allows you to send the ball at a higher angle to the horizon at a shorter distance. The distance of the shot is between 70 and 150 meters.

After that, you need to send the ball through the “raff” – section of tall grass bordering the “fairway” (main field), on the green. Actually, everything is solved on the green (putting green). With another, L-shaped club – putter, a light and precise blow to drive the ball into the hole.

The grass is so filigree mowed on the green, it looks more like carpeting. Around the hole grass dries out most quickly and it is sown in its place.